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Pornography Addiction Recovery in St. George, UT

Pornography & Sex Addiction

Pornography can be a destructive force that drives an individual away from their relationships, meaningful engagement, and self-confidence. Individuals going through these experiences may often feel like they’ve lost control, but that’s where LifeStar of St. George can step in. Our licensed therapists can help teach you the tools necessary to take back your life and build up your relationships. Healing is possible, and we’re here to help.

Our services can be tailored to help any affected party, including both the individual suffering from a pornography addiction and their partner or spouse, who is possibly experiencing the effects of betrayal trauma as a response.

The good news is that these feelings can change. LifeStar can help partners become stronger together while those struggling with an addiction receive personalized care designed to help them reach long-term success.

Southern Utah Therapy for Overcoming Pornography Addictions

Pornography addiction is crippling. Everyone’s experience is different, but common consequences of porn addictions can include:

  • Strained relationships
  • Difficulty forming emotional connections
  • Negative perceptions of self
  • Inhibited emotional and relational development

For individuals wanting to get back their peace of mind and the healthy relationships they once had, pornography addiction recovery is possible. Talented specialists at LifeStar have spent years coming up with our effective recovery program to get you back on your feet.

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How Can LifeStar Help?

At LifeStar, our primary goal as therapists is to help you regain your self-esteem and self-discipline so that you can rebuild your relationships in a lasting way. For anyone seeking to recover the peace of mind and healthy relationships they experienced prior to their addiction, we’re here to help.

Pornography and Other Sexual Addictions

Pornography addiction can fuel additional sexual addictions which may lead to infidelity. LifeStar assists individuals with pornography addiction and other sexual addictions to develop positive habits for recovery.

LifeStar therapists assist clients through our unique recovery program developed over years of experience. We’ll help you build and maintain healthy living habits through a combination of in-person group sessions and online courses.

Help for Spouses Suffering from Betrayal Trauma

In addition to our porn addiction recovery program, spouses can also attend group support sessions in St. George, UT for betrayal trauma. The emotions you feel are real and can be debilitating. Talk with other individuals who also have spouses going through pornography addiction support and recovery.


The LifeStar Porn Addiction Recovery Utah Program

For years, the LifeStar program has helped hundreds of individuals who have struggled to overcome pornography addictions along with their spouses who experience betrayal trauma. By asking couples to attend group sessions and complete online tasks together, partners can grow and recover as one, in the way that each individual needs.

  1. In-person, group sessions in St. George, UT: The main component of the LifeStar porn recovery program is our group pornography addiction support sessions. It’s much easier to work toward healing when you’re not alone, and our in-person group sessions held in beautiful St. George, UT, will help you find a community to aid you in your recovery. These must be attended in-person at our location in St. George, UT. You will meet with therapists and other individuals and couples working towards the same goals as you. A group setting such as this is the ideal environment to curb addictive behavior with greater accountability. Group sizes are limited to 5–10 individuals to facilitate confidentiality, trust, and thoughtful communication and sharing.
  2. Online workbook and video classes: Each couple and individual will gain online access to our extensive library of online materials. This includes a series of video classes and workbooks to supplement the in-person group sessions. Additionally, you’ll be able to join a class developed by our therapists to prepare you for our in-person sessions and provide you with tools and exercises to develop and maintain healthy habits. (Learn more about LifeStar’s online resources here.)
  3. Patterns for change: While you are attending the LifeStar group sessions and reviewing materials online, you’ll begin to develop positive habits towards pornography recovery. Every part of the program is designed for your continued progress once the sessions end. With these positive patterns in your arsenal, you’ll be prepared to move forward confidently.
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What Does Pornography Addiction Recovery Look Like for Individuals?

The first step towards recovery is an acknowledgment of pornography addiction. This self-realization includes recognizing how their addiction affects those closest to them. We ask participants to write out a full disclosure to their spouse that accepts responsibility for actions and begins to work towards rebuilding trust in the relationship. Our relationship therapists will help individuals with this process. Our online resources will also assist in writing out a formal and sincere disclosure.

Understanding pornography addiction can take time. But by becoming better educated about what they are going through and why an individual can identify problems and begin to resolve them. Couples will learn together using online video classes, workbooks, and group sessions with our pornography recovery therapists. They can challenge each other along the way with other group members. We’re stronger together.

This is a chance for both partners to open up and communicate clearly what the other is feeling. Husbands and wives will each go through their own recovery process along with other couples, before coming together and opening up to each other. This is a vulnerable but necessary step for both partners to be understood and receive the help they need from the other.

Begin Recovering from Pornography Addiction Today

Help is here. Don’t wait for pornography addiction to snowball into something more. Start today to rebuild close relationships, trust, and self-confidence through proven methods for self-discipline and change. For more information or to reserve a spot in our program, contact us today and receive a free 15-minute phone consultation.