Infidelity and Affair Recovery Program in St. George, UT

St. George Affair Recovery and Betrayal Trauma Support

The heartbreak that individuals feel after learning of a spouse’s affair can be unbearable. Many individuals experience betrayal trauma, sometimes to the same extent as those with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Both conditions are natural responses to shifting realities, lost feelings of trust and security, and a need to protect oneself from similar harm. 

To heal from such a traumatizing experience takes time and can be aided by affair recovery therapists, like those from LifeStar. Whether a spouse’s infidelity is physical, emotional, or virtual, LifeStar offers hope for healing and a safe space for rebuilding trust in a relationship.

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Support for Betrayal Trauma after Infidelity

We cannot guarantee to fix infidelity or repair a relationship after an affair. However, our program provides needed healing, support, and resources for change. Our therapists specialize in betrayal trauma recovery for individuals as well as developing healthy marital relationships.

Our approach is not to fix an affair, but to assist couples and individuals in initiating change and rebuilding bonds of trust. We practice breaking down communication barriers in order for spouses to empathize with each other and form a stronger emotional connection.

Virtual Infidelity and Pornography Addictions

For spouses dealing with pornography and other sexual addictions, the LifeStar program offers pornography addiction recovery. In many cases, infidelity will stem from pornography or other underlying addictions.

We offer specialized assistance to help individuals overcome porn addictions and other destructive habits that may lead to having an affair.


What the LifeStar Affair Recovery Program Offers

After 10+ years of service, our marriage and family counselors have crafted an effective affair recovery program for individuals and couples. While many participants feel uncomfortable at the thought of a group therapy session, we’ve seen just how well this setting facilitates change and incites clearer communication between partners. We recommend that couples come together, but also offer the program for individuals wanting to heal after a spouse’s affair.

Our infidelity and affair recovery resources include:

  1. Online workbook and video classes: When you sign up for the LifeStar recovery program, you’ll receive our online resources immediately. (Learn more about them here.)
  2. In-person, group sessions in St. George, UT: Couples and individuals must be able to attend in-person, affair recovery sessions in St. George, UT. It is here that our therapists will assist participants in applying what they learn to fix an affair, trust issues, and addictive behaviors.
  3. Practice and return: Healthy emotional intimacy requires ongoing practice from both partners in the relationship. Couples patiently learn how to open up and share deeper feelings and needs with each other. Through this process, spouses learn how to fix infidelity and overcome destructive sexual addictions while communicating empathetically with their partners who may still feel wounded by betrayal after an affair.
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What Does Affair Recovery Look Like for Couples Experiencing Infidelity?

During the infidelity and affair recovery process, husbands learn to talk about addictive behaviors with other men. But, more importantly, they also practice sharing their emotional world. Betrayed women also learn how to open up about their fears, doubts, needs, and other emotions to other women. This gives them a chance to clarify and identify what they really need when they communicate with each other. 

This is a crucial element in any successful affair recovery program to fix infidelity. Clearly sharing what you are feeling to your spouse opens doors to understanding and empathy in the relationship, that otherwise would not have been possible. 

Couples' recovery through the LifeStar program becomes the place where husbands and wives get to live what they’ve learned and practiced in their individual recovery exercises. As they learn to express emotional and physical vulnerability with each other, couples experience a more satisfying relationship. For many participants, LifeStar is the needed catalyst to begin healing in their marriage.

Helping Couples and Individuals Heal After an Affair

LifeStar offers support for couples to fix an affair and the resources to help individuals heal. Begin the recovery process today and find hope again after infidelity.