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Couples Recovery and Counseling in St. George, UT

Healing a Marriage after Infidelity and Addiction

Marital relationships are put through the toughest test when a spouse is involved with infidelity, be it an emotional, physical, or virtual affair. Saving a marriage after an affair is even more difficult when pornography or sexual addictions are at the root of the problem.

Couples therapy and marriage counseling can help couples mend their relationship. We recommend, however, that couples begin their recovery with LifeStar. This proven program helps men and women to recover from personal addiction and trauma while developing the qualities a marriage needs to survive. Trust, honesty, open communication, love, and empathy are among the attributes participants practice before implementing them together at home.

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St. George Couples Counseling and Therapy Program

The LifeStar program offers recovery specifically designed for men and women in a marriage impacted by sexual addictions, pornography, and infidelity.  As a group among other individuals on the road to recovery, you’ll receive the support you seek to overcome addictive behaviors and reconnect as partners. Learn more about the various facets of our recovery program including:

  • Pornography Addiction Recovery: Develop healthy habits that keep you out of the dark hole of pornography addiction and rebuild trust in your closest relationships.
  • Infidelity and Affair Recovery: Attend group therapy sessions and receive support from other men and women who are taking steps towards recovery after an affair.
  • Sexual Addiction Recovery: No matter where you or your spouse are in the process of addiction recovery, our experienced team is prepared to help you.
  • Betrayal Trauma Recovery: For spouses experiencing betrayal trauma after learning of their partner’s infidelity or sexual addiction, this program has specific resources for your healing.

How the LifeStar Recovery Program Works

To begin rebuilding trust as a couple, the LifeStar program helps to resolve individual needs. Whether that’s beginning the steps for sexual addiction recovery or receiving support for betrayal trauma, we provide a safe environment and proven methods for lasting change and healing.

  1. In-person, group sessions: You and your spouse will participate in separate group support sessions for men or women in St. George, UT. Here you will have the opportunity to find resources and support for your own personal struggles among others meeting the same challenges, which in turn can help heal your marriage.
  2. Online video classes and workbook: Take what you learn from the in-person sessions back home with you using LifeStar’s online workbook and video classes. We’ll expand on what the group sessions provide and give you opportunities to practice what you learn. (Find additional information for our online resources here.)
  3. Building trust together: As the program progresses, spouses will be accountable to each other, LifeStar marriage counselors, and the rest of the support group. With so many levels of support, you and your spouse will be better prepared to change and heal individually and gradually grow closer together in the process.

Couples who want direct support for their relationship can also contact our therapists about couples counseling separate from the LifeStar group program. However, we recommend first attending the LifeStar in-person sessions and completing the online classes and workbook exercises. Healing your marriage works best when you first begin to heal from your own betrayal trauma or start recovery for sex or porn addictions.

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What Does Our Recovery Look Like as a Married Couple?

Recovering from addiction, infidelity, and betrayal trauma as a couple starts with HIS recovery and HER recovery. Once both partners have progressed on their own they can begin to progress together.

A key component in rebuilding a trusting relationship is developing positive communication skills for your marriage. Communicating openly and honestly with a spouse allows for greater empathy and compassion. Many spouses just want their thoughts to be heard, especially when seeking support as they recover from sexual addictions or are working through betrayal trauma.

Men and women struggle to share their true feelings and emotions in certain situations. LifeStar opens the door to improved communication and healing as spouses talk with other individuals in their separate support groups. Such vulnerability can feel unnerving at first but allows for men and women to practice open communication and recognize how to convey their feelings clearly to another person.

Save Your Marriage and Begin Healing

We wish we could guarantee that individuals who attend our recovery programs will save their marriage from divorce. Unfortunately, this is not the case. However, countless individuals have found healing and a new start through LifeStar. That renewed strength, in turn, has helped couples to rebuild bonds and strengthen their marriages. Get in touch with our therapists today to help you on your journey.