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Online Addiction Classes and Betrayal Trauma Support Groups in St. George, UT

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Pain, feelings of betrayal, loneliness, loss of trust, decreased self-esteem—the emotions you feel after suffering from a spouse’s or your own infidelity and sexual addictions are real. They cut to the core and leave you feeling unsure of what to do next.

You don’t have to do this alone.

Healing is possible and often more probable with help from a strong and supportive recovery community. Once you begin to reach out for help, you can begin to resolve the pain of betrayal trauma.

For couples and individuals in St. George, UT, Mesquite, NV, and surrounding locations, there’s LifeStar. We offer betrayal trauma support groups, sexual addiction support groups, and online addiction classes from licensed specialists. Begin to heal with our in-person groups and online help resources that are proven to help couples rebuild trust and individuals rebuild their lives and relationships.


Betrayal Trauma Utah Support Groups and Therapy

It’s always better to go through the healing journey with support, especially from others who have been where you are. Each individual and couple who signs up for the LifeStar betrayal trauma therapy or addiction recovery program must be within driving distance of St. George, UT to attend an in-person recovery group in St. George, UT.

The purpose of meeting together is to connect with a strong community of individuals and couples on the path to healing just like yourself. Participants experience more success in developing positive relationships and healthy behaviors by attending LifeStar group meetings. They are the core component of our betrayal trauma therapy and addiction treatment with years of constructive results to back their success.


Online Resources for Betrayal Trauma and Addiction Recovery

To supplement our in-person support groups, you’ll be given immediate access to online support classes for betrayal trauma and addiction recovery. Find answers and comprehensive materials for porn recovery, getting over Internet infidelity, and healing after trauma.

  • Online Workshop: Before attending the in-person recovery group in St. George, you’ll first complete an online workshop. This online class will prepare you for the discussions and exercises that will take place in the actual support group sessions, such as identifying triggers and developing healthy ways to heal from your own or your spouse’s infidelity or porn addiction. While we don’t offer online trauma support groups, these online workshops allow for more effective in-person sessions that help participants come prepared to heal and change.


  • Workbooks: As part of the classes, our therapists will refer you to our workbooks to practice what you learn. You can also find betrayal trauma and addiction recovery articles and podcasts with insights on how to break destructive habits and sustain healthy relationships.

Trauma Healing Therapy

You’ll also be able to speak with a therapist after signing up for our addiction recovery and betrayal trauma support group online. Our therapists have decades of experience in helping individuals and couples. They continue to provide marriage counseling, specializing in pornography addiction recovery and betrayal trauma therapy. You’ll have an opportunity to talk with them over the phone before your first in-person group session in St. George, UT.


Sign Up Today for Our Addiction Recovery and Betrayal Trauma Support Group Online

Help, support, and healing are available to you. LifeStar’s workshops and support groups have been the catalyst for change in the lives of many individuals and couples. With help from our therapists and proven program, we make change possible and help to foster harmony as you reclaim your life and relationships.

Begin today. Join our addiction and betrayal trauma Utah recovery group in St. George to access our online classes and begin recovering from porn addiction, infidelity, or betrayal trauma.