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Betrayal Trauma Recovery Program in St. George, UT

Safety, Support, and Solutions for Betrayal Trauma

The heartbreak that women feel after learning of their husband’s sexual betrayal can be unbearable. Many women experience betrayal trauma to the same extent as those with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This is a natural response to shifting realities, lost feelings of trust and security, and a need to protect oneself from similar harm.

To heal from such a traumatizing experience takes time and can be aided by betrayal trauma recovery therapists, like those from LifeStar. Whether a spouse’s sexual betrayal is physical, emotional, or virtual, LifeStar offers hope for healing and a safe place for rebuilding trust in a relationship.

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Signs You May Be Suffering from Betrayal Trauma

Everyone’s response to discovering a spouse’s infidelity or sexual addiction is different. However, some common reactions to this distressing situation include:

  • Guilt and shame
  • Shock, denial, and subsequent stages of grief
  • Increased anxiety and/or depression
  • Feelings of panic, helplessness, and fear
  • Attempting to hide one’s true feelings from children, other family members, or friends (feeling like you’re living a double life)
  • Self-isolating and disconnecting from close relationships
  • Decreased self-esteem
  • Obsessing about minor issues or imperfections
  • Difficulty concentrating on work or daily tasks
  • Early development of eating disorders (overeating or not eating enough.)
  • Irritability and anger
  • Loss of interest in previous hobbies or passions
  • Hesitation to trust others and build new relationships

Realize that you are not to blame for your spouse’s actions and addictions. As part of LifeStar’s betrayal trauma recovery program, we’ll help you sift through the myriad of emotions you may be feeling. Our trauma healing therapy is designed to rebuild your confidence and provide the support needed to create and strengthen future relationships of trust.

In our safe support group environment, we’ll communicate openly with each other to grow and heal together. While isolation is a natural response to such a traumatic experience, withdrawing yourself from others can hinder your progress. Our therapists are here to facilitate betrayal trauma recovery that heals broken hearts and helps you to move forward with hope.



What You Can Expect from the LifeStar Betrayal Trauma Recovery Program

This betrayal trauma treatment and recovery program has been created by dedicated marriage and family counselors with over a decade of experience. In that time, our professionals have seen the positive impact meeting in a support group setting can have for those managing betrayal trauma.

  1. Online video classes and workbook: Once you’ve registered for the LifeStar program, you’ll receive online resources for betrayal trauma that include video classes and an online workbook. (For more information on these materials, click here.)
  2. In-person, group sessions in St. George, UT: The core of our recovery program are support group sessions that are attended in-person in St. George, UT. This is a safe environment where you have the chance to heal alongside other betrayed spouses with help from our compassionate therapists. We recommend attending as a couple so that each partner can communicate feelings openly to the other and receive the support they need from couples seeking similar healing.
  3. Moving forward: The online resources and in-person sessions work in harmony to provide a space for understanding, the development of healthy behaviors, and gradual recovery from betrayal trauma. We offer practical solutions that individuals and couples can begin to implement today that can be used over a lifetime.
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What Does Betrayal Trauma Recovery Look Like for Betrayed Women and Their Spouses?

One of the most difficult parts of betrayal trauma treatments and recovery solutions is sharing one’s innermost feelings. Doing so may trigger pent up emotions and cause initial reactions from betrayal trauma to resurface.

However, healing begins when we begin to recognize and accept the truth of things. Your emotions are real and raw, but hope for a bright future is just as real even after a spouse’s pornography addiction, affair, or other forms of infidelity. The LifeStar program provides the opportunity to be vulnerable and honest about your emotions among the safety and support of empathetic individuals who can help curb the negative effects of trauma.

When you attend with your spouse, that same open communication we practice as a group becomes easier to continue at home. While not all relationships are repaired, the attributes you and your spouse develop in our program are the building blocks for a brighter future including honest communication, self-confidence, empathy, and trust.

Providing a Safe Space for Trauma Healing Therapy

Recovering from betrayal trauma is not meant to be done alone. Find safety and solutions among others learning to heal after infidelity and pornography/sexual addictions. Move forward with our therapists and group support to help you rebuild relationships built on trust and rediscover your own self-worth.