The LifeStar Program

  • Online video classes delivered immediately

  • In-person weekly recovery group in St. George, Utah

  • LifeStar Recovery Workbooks



LifeStar combines online learning with in-person group support

Learn, Practice, Live

People do better when they can get support and not do this alone

We'll teach you and then give you a place to practice what you're learning with experts and others who are on the same journey as you.

Must be able to attend in-person a weekly recovery group located in St. George, UT. 

If you live outside of Southern Utah, then you can still receive our recovery support by signing up for a LifeStar of St. George monthly membership. 


How does the program work?

The LifeStar program is a combination of online learning and the in-person recovery group.

The online videos will get immediately you started in the recovery process and prepare you to begin working through the LifeStar workbooks in your weekly recovery group. 

Most participants complete the LifeStar workbooks and assignments in about 10 months and then either leave the program or continue forward to the LifeStar Advanced Group. 

Join LifeStar

You'll get immediate access to the online training materials, receive your LifeStar workbooks, and begin attending the weekly addiction or betrayal trauma recovery group led by an expert therapist.


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