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Sexual Addiction Recovery Program in St. George, UT

Utah Sexual Addiction Therapy and Support for Betrayed Spouses

Millions of men suffer from sexual addictions that can destroy the relationships they hold most dear. But when you want to change and start again, know that you can. Sexual addiction doesn’t have to last forever, even for men who have lived with it for months, years, or decades.

LifeStar is a sex addiction recovery program in Utah that helps individuals to overcome physical and virtual sex addictions. In our supportive group environments, you’ll have the chance to practice positive behavioral habits and connect with other men who are also working to beat their addictions. Women suffering from betrayal trauma can also attend their own group and receive their own help and healing through this proven program.

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Work with Sex Addiction Therapists

Therapists at LifeStar have developed our sex addiction recovery program from years of experience. We work with individuals at every stage of recovery.

Group Support Sessions for Betrayal Trauma

It’s never just one partner that’s impacted by sexual addiction. Women that learn of their husband’s sexual addiction can receive support from other women in similar situations to help them heal.


LifeStar’s Steps to Sex Addiction Recovery

In the LifeStar Program, we’ll work together to practice self-discipline methods for combating sexual addiction. Recovery and sexual addiction therapy consist of several steps, including:

  1. Full disclosure: Participants will write a full disclosure of sex addiction to their spouse. (Read more about the importance of this disclosure below.)
  2. Online workbook and video classes: Get access to our online resources. (More information about these online resources can be found here.)
  3. In-person, group sessions: Meeting in-person makes a dramatic impact on an individual’s recovery. This is not a path that should be taken alone.
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What Does Sex Addiction Recovery Look Like for Husbands?

At the beginning of our sexual addiction recovery program, we encourage husbands to recognize personal accountability for their behavior and write up a formal disclosure to their wife.

This disclosure isn’t something that a husband hastily shares with his wife in a casual conversation. Instead, he spends time documenting and reviewing his story with one of our qualified marriage therapists. Then, he will set up a time to share the disclosure with his spouse. The online help resources you receive when you sign up for the LifeStar program can help with this part of the process.

A man’s willingness to take responsibility for his behaviors not only opens the door to his own healing but also creates conditions where his wife and marriage can finally heal. However, even though he has an individual responsibility to work on his own healing, a husband can’t do this process in isolation. This is where our in-person, group sessions come into play. Here you’ll find a support system of men who can encourage, empathize, and challenge you along the way.

Individual recovery is more effective when men become educated about their struggles. LifeStar provides clear answers to these important questions. We believe that behaviors can be understood as men learn more about their emotions, attachment history, relationships, rituals, and other areas that affect their choices. As men work through these areas with guidance from a qualified recovery therapist and group members, he’ll find answers to help him make long-term changes.

Overcome Sexual Addiction Utah

Your best self is waiting to be rediscovered. There is always hope, just don’t try to go through this alone. LifeStar offers specialized help and healing to couples and individuals in Utah as you work to overcome sexual addiction. Regain feelings of self-worth and mend relationships by deciding to change today.