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Addiction & Affair Recovery Blog

Uncategorized Dec 10, 2020

Marriage infidelity, sex addiction, and pornography addiction can feel like some of life’s most isolating experiences. It may feel like nobody else understands, and you must navigate this road on your own. You are not alone. We want to provide you with as many resources as possible to help you, your spouse, and your family during the recovery back to trust, communication, and happiness.

LifeStar’s affair recovery blog is a free resource written by our therapists and experts for anyone who wants to help a loved one recover from addiction, assist someone hurt by pornography, look for warning signs, and heal themselves. LifeStar’s blog covers the following topics and more:

Pornography & Sex Addiction

Pornography and sex addictions are the root of hurt and pain in many modern marriages. Learn what is (and isn’t) true about these addictions. You could start with “Sex as an Addiction Officially Recognized by American Society of Addiction Medicine,” “13 Myths About Pornography Addiction,” or “How Pornography Destroys Your Sex Life.”

Coping with Another’s Choices

Learning of a spouse’s addictions or infidelity can be earth-shatteringly painful. "When the World Crumbles" and "Letting Go of What is Not Ours" by LifeStar Marriage and Family Therapist Jill Call are good reads for those hurtings due to others’ actions.

Prevention & Having Hard Conversations

They say that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Reference articles like “Tips for Parents: Safeguarding Your Children Online” and “Discussing Pornography with Your Future Son-In-Law” for practical ideas on how to protect your family and have candid conversations about pornography and addiction.

Helping Others

Having non-judgemental, caring, and kind loved ones is one of the best resources that someone struggling can have. “Spotting Active Addiction in Family and Friends” and “How to Help Someone Betrayed by Pornography” provide ideas on how to help those in need.


The path to recovery can be difficult and vague, but it’s a path that many have successfully traveled before. Learn more about the recovery journey with posts like “Rediscovering Your Partner in Couples Recovery,” “Recovery Myths Dispelled,” and “Opening Up In Recovery.”


Creating healthy boundaries is a necessary step in a couple’s healing from addiction. “Boundaries” and “The Proper Use of Boundaries—Creating Space for Healing and Change” are a great place to start when learning to set healthy boundaries in your relationships.

If you cannot find the answers you’re seeking here on our blog, we invite you to come join the most comprehensive pornography/sex addiction treatment and betrayal trauma therapy program available. We focus on healing him, healing her, and healing your family. We have 14+ years of experience working with couples on the addiction recovery path in St. George, Utah, and know healing is possible for you too.


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