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This important film needs YOUR financial support!

Uncategorized Jul 23, 2019

When director Jessica Mockett first contacted me to be a part of her documentary, “Shamed“, I was unsure what her angle would be on the topic of pornography addiction and recovery. There were lots of other films I had seen over the years from well-meaning filmakers and groups trying to educate the public about the dangers of pornography. Most of them focused on the dangers of pornography and would share statistics and commentary from individuals whose lives were destroyed by pornography. In most cases, these individuals were portrayed with shadows and computerized voices to hide their identities.

Jessica told me she didn’t want to make that kind of documentary. In fact, she said she wanted to turn on the lights and remove the shame and stigma from talking about this important issue. If you watch clips from the partially completed documentary, you’ll be amazed at the power and strength that comes through as you listen to partners of addicts, addicts, and professionals who talk candidly about how to change the conversation about pornography.

Not only does it shed light on the impact of pornography, more importantly, it gives hope and direction to those who struggle, their partners, and parents who want to protect their families. In fact, encouraging more conversation about this issue, not less, if Jessica’s primary objective. She believes that the more we can talk about this issue in a non-shaming and candid way, the more people will be able to offer healing to those affected and those yet-to-be exposed.

So, I agreed and signed on to do the first round of interviews. As soon as the cameras started rolling and her questions began, I realized that this was one of the best causes I have ever supported. I hope you will watch the videos and add your financial support to this project.

Jessica and her co-producer, Jordan Harker, initially raised close to $50,000 to complete a round of interviews with about 25 individuals. However, they have more interviews and other footage to shoot before the film is completed. To fund this second round of filming, they have launched a fundraising campaign through Indiegogo to raise an ambitious $110,000. You can donate any amount to the campaign, and they have even included some perks for donations as small as $10.

We might all sit around and complain about the state of our culture and bemoan the filth that is on the Internet and television screens. But, there is something you can actually do about your concerns right now by putting your money where your mouth is and showing the world that you’re not okay with pornography and the impact it’s having on individuals, marriages, families, and our communities.

After you donate, then watch as many of the clips as you can and start the conversation with your children, your friends, and your neighbors. Let’s get the word out and get more people involved in supporting this film so they can actually finish it.

Let me finish up with one additional thought from Jessica, who was recently interviewed by a newspaper in Georgia and said the following: “If you lived in a drug-infested neighborhood, with a crack house on every corner, wouldn’t you be talking to your kids daily, from a young age, about the dangers of drugs? Unfortunately, we live in a porn-infested neighborhood known as the Internet — and experts say that pornography addiction can be even stronger and more damaging than drug addiction.”


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