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The Sanctity Of Womanhood

Uncategorized Jul 19, 2019

I’ve been behind on posting to this blog for a week due to the arrival of my first daughter.  She was born last week and is doing very well.  Even though I have three sons, welcoming a daughter into our family has caused me to ponder on the sacredness of womanhood.  Pornography makes a complete mockery of womanhood as those who produce and consume pornography objectify, control, and manipulate women’s bodies for self-gratification.  Although I’ve taught for years the truth that viewing these “actresses” as somebody’s daughter can help addicts reduce objectification and fantasy, I can’t help but feel the truth about this idea more forcefully now that I have my own daughter in my home.

The desire I have to protect my daughter’s body, her dignity, and honor is difficult to describe.  The thought of others using her body to satisfy their own urges fills me with disgust and anger.  My own commitment to teach others to respect the bodies, spirits, and dignity of women everywhere has been fortified tenfold.  I am thrilled to have her in our home and to have the chance to show this special little girl how much value and worth she has.  Even though she will be raised in a world where she will feel compared and judged by her body, I will do my part to reassure her regularly that her body is a gift to help her experience life to the fullest.  She will learn that her body is a blessing to her and she doens’t need to be ashamed of it by overfocusing on it.

The devaluation of women in our sex-saturated world is attempting to change the way we all feel about women.  We must resist these lies and reconnect with the sanctity of womanhood and the joy that comes from showing proper respect to all women everywhere.


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