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Shamed - Help Make this Documentary a Reality!

Uncategorized Jul 23, 2019

January 17, 2012

For those of you who are personally, or through the life of a loved one, struggling with pornography or sex addictions in your lives, you understand the power of shame. You know how incapacitating it can be. You understand that until you can remove the shame from what you are going through, you cannot heal.

Jessica Mockett, a filmmaker based in Utah, is producing and directing a documentary feature film entitled Shamed. After nearly two years of research and study she has concluded that in conservative Christian cultures, shame is what keeps so many good people who would be righteous, faithful followers of Christ tethered and strapped to an addiction that leaves them feeling hopeless, unlovable, and unworthy of God’s protection and blessings.

Unlike guilt, shame tells us that we are bad people. But we are not. We are always worthy of love, though sometimes our actions or behaviors need to be curbed and changed. That is what life is for, it is an opportunity to be challenged and to embrace our weakness and make them strengths.

Shamed will look at how to remove the debilitating personal and group shame that exists around pornography and even healthy sexuality in conservative Christian communities. Those of us who would preach a balanced life of fidelity and healthy sexual appetites, are being drowned out by the pervasive messaging of an over-sexualized world. Our best protection is open, honest, healthy communication on pornography and sexual addiction, empowering the people we love to “SPEAK, LISTEN, and HEAL.”

Jessica and her very talented, experienced team are raising funds for this amazing project. They have begun a campaign on the site Kickstarter. Kickstarter is a platform that allows for a lot of people to donate small amounts of money to a creative project. Kickstarter’s rules are such that you must set a financial goal and a deadline. If the project does not meet its goal by the deadline it does not receive any of the money raised, and consequently, anyone who donated will not be charged.

Shamed set an ambitious goal of $40,000 with a deadline of Feb 14, 2012. The team felt confident that there were at least 400 people in the world who would each donate $100 to this great cause. At 8 days into the campaign they are at about $8,000. The response is such that everyone is adamantly agreeing that a message like this is needed and important, yet few are putting forth funds. The film will not happen without reaching this goal.

The team is asking for those of you who know what the struggle is like, who know very well that thousands and thousands of people are still suffering in silence, to take action and donate to this film. It will not happen without generous support. And it needs to happen. We need to get the message out to a broad Christian audience that shame is holding people back, to educate them on the subject, teach them to remove the shame, give them tools to communicate honestly about it, arm them with confidence that recovery is so very possible, and that life is so much happier on the other side of the addiction.

Do not fear that you can’t give very much. $25, $50, or $100 is a wonderful contribution, but any sized contribution gets Shamed closer to the goal. If you can afford more, please, give more.

Please visit the film’s Kickstarter Page to learn more about the project, the crew, and view a teaser trailer. Or visit the Shamed website. Feel free to email the filmmakers to ask them questions or to tell them if you want to share your personal story of dealing with a sex addiction in your life on film.

Your support is needed. Please share this information with everyone in your life who would be able to support this endeavor.


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