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Recovery Apps

Uncategorized Jul 23, 2019

Even though smartphones and tablet devices are capable of delivering harmful content, such as pornography, they can also arm recovering men, women, and couples with powerful tools to help them along in their journey.

We recognize that many individuals in early recovery choose to rid themselves of smartphones and tablet devices to reduce accessibility to pornography. This article in no way suggests that these apps (or the devices  that run them) are necessary for successful recovery.

If you’re already using a smartphone or tablet, then we want to give you more tools and resources to help strengthen your efforts.

There are thousands of apps to help you enhance your recovery goals. Recovery categories can include: fitness, reading, healthy eating, money management, and so on. Here are a few of our favorites:

My Fitness Pal is a calorie tracking program that makes losing weight a lifestyle change instead of a passing fad. Using MyFitnessPal is very simple. Here’s how their basic process works: Based on your fitness profile, they will recommend a daily net calorie target for you to achieve your weight loss (or gain) goals. As you eat and exercise throughout the day, you need to log your meals and exercise in the Food and Exercise diaries. MyFitnessPal will calculate the number of calories you’ve consumed and burned from exercise and let you know how many calories you have left to eat for the day. If you stick within your calorie limits, you should achieve the weight loss you’re looking for. The best part of the system is that logging gets easier the more you do it. MyFitnessPal remembers the foods and exercises you like most and makes it easy for you to add those items to your diary. In just a few days, logging can be as fast as 30 seconds — it’s literally that easy. That’s it! Just a few minutes a day can show you so much about what you’re eating and how that impacts your health.


With Hazelden’s mobile applications, you’ll find the instant motivation you need to strengthen your recovery and inspire personal growth no matter where you are.  From apps based on their best-selling books that feature special enhancements like texts and video messages from the authors to those based on their best-selling meditation books, Hazelden mobile applications are there when you need them most, at the touch of your fingertips. Some of their most popular apps include Brene Brown’s “Gifts of Imperfection”, their daily affirmation books for both men and women, and their day at a time series.


Dr. John Gottman is known as one of the preeminent researchers on marriage and family relationships. He has developed a series of apps to help strengthen marriages and families. Some of our favorites include: “Your Child’s Love Map“, “Fun and Play“, “Open-ended Questions“, and “I Feel.”

These applications are based on more than 30 years of research on strengthening marriages and families. Learning how to access the emotional world of yourself, your partner, and your children is one of the most satisfying parts of life!


There are several apps designed to help provide spiritual strength on a daily basis. There are apps for members of the LDS faith, Protestant faiths, and so on. Reading scriptures, sermons, and listening to sacred music has never been more convenient. Many individuals in recovery report that having regular access to these spiritual resources helps them get refocused on what’s most important in their lives.


S-Recovery helps you recover from sex addiction or porn addiction. This is an added tool to help you live your life without addictive sex or pornography. What’s more, S-Recovery was created by two therapists who specialize in treating sex and porn addiction. With S-Recovery, you can…
• Easily track your number of days in recovery, reminding yourself of your progress.
• Set recovery goals for yourself that are easy to record and track.
• Graphically see patterns and correlations between your healthy activities, your moods, emotions, and desire to engage in addictive or compulsive behavior.
• Learn how healthy activities improve your mood and decrease triggers.
• Set attainable goals.
• Stay in recovery by reminding yourself why you are doing it and what you have to lose.
• Allow technology to help with recovery, rather than making it more difficult.
• Help protect your confidentiality with password protection.
• Easily keep track of your recovery time and navigate to daily logs.
• Rate your mood and emotions daily. Also rate your acting-out risk level.
• S-Recovery’s Graph function enables you to see connections between your mood, emotions, and risk level over time.
•Enter a picture of someone who inspires you to be in recovery. Also enter names, goals, ideas of other inspirations.

The North Face® Trailhead App finds trails, hikes, bike routes and more based on your location. You can even search by activity and length. Whether you’ve selected an existing trip or started a new one, Trailhead tracks your route, distance, speed and elevation in real-time.
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