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More Women Lured To Pornography Addiction

Uncategorized Jul 22, 2019

The Washington Times recent ran an article citing some statistics about women’s use of pornography.  One thing the article mentions is that when women use pornography, they are more likely to become victims of nonconsensual sex.  This is a terrible combination.   If men who use pornography are more likely to manipulate to get a sexual experience and women who view pornography are more likely to go along with it, then how can this be good for relationships, marriages, and families.  Many popular media outlets such as Oprah and other women’s magazines often cite the relationship benefits of pornography and erotica.  They talk about how wonderful it is for couples to “spice up” their marriages.  They talk about being more open-minded and less prudish.  They parade porn stars on their shows and talk about the glamour of the business.  It’s all a lie.  Jill Manning, PhD, says that the pornography industry and the mass media (who appear to all be working pretty well together) don’t tell you that “sex may sell, but showing sexually transmitted diseases, addictions, failing relationships, unwanted pregnancies, less than perfect bodies, sexual abuse, and mental illness tends to have a negative effect on profits.”  Women and men are being sold a fraudulent message and individual lives, marriages, families, and society are paying the price.


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