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I Am Not My Body

Uncategorized Jul 22, 2019

July 20,2010


I am a fan of Stephanie Nielson’s blog “The NieNie Diaglogues.”   I love her stories of her marriage, her children, and her observations about ordinary life.  What I love most, however, is her message that she is not her body.  Stephanie was involved in a near-fatal plane crash in 2008 where she was burned on over 80% of her body.  She has chronicled her journey through multiple surgeries and excruciating rehabilitation.

Her husband, Mr. Nielson, as she affectionately refers to him, was burned on over 30% of his body.  Together, they have inspired thousands, if not millions, to keep moving forward when the pain seems unbearable.  Even though the source of their pain was originally physical and didn’t come from betrayal, there are still powerful messages of hope and healing in their story.

Her body has drastically changed (check out her blog and you’ll see pictures of her before the crash), but she isn’t hiding from the world.  She posts pictures of her body, scars and all.

This is such a different message from the perfection-obsessed media that Photoshops every image to match the “official body” requirements of the fashion and celebrity circus.  Magazine covers talk about getting perfect lips,  perfect thighs, perfect sex, perfect blah blah blah.

Read Stephanie’s blog to understand what really matters.  Trust me…. you’ll be moved by her message.

I love Stephanie’s courage and resolve to show the world who she really is.  I’m grateful she did.  I’m certainly a better man because of her example.


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