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Cured Or Healed?

Uncategorized Jul 22, 2019

I recently heard a story about a guy who endured several treatments for cancer over the course of almost fifteen years.  Despite the pain and discomfort of treatment, he continued to show up at his job, worked to be present for his family, and continued to volunteer in the community.  Unfortunately, his cancer never fully disappeared and he eventually was confined to a bed.  He was asked how he kept such a positive attitude while facing a life-threatening disease.  He replied, “Not everyone can be cured, but everyone can be healed.”

I often get asked if individuals can really be cured from pornography and sexual addiction.  My answer seems to parallel the response of this courageous gentleman who fought cancer for so many years.  I don’t believe everyone will have the pull of addiction completely removed from them in this lifetime.  But, I do believe everyone can be healed while they seek to be free of the pull of pornography.

This healing with take many forms.  For some, it means they will have their capacity increased to endure the pain and suffering they experience.  For others, it means they will heal past relationships with family and loved ones.  Some may heal the shame that has held them captive for years.  Regardless of the form the healing takes, it always comes to those who seek it.

Addiction is a complicated disorder that has its origins in physiology, genetics, emotions, attachment, environment, trauma, developmental issues, brain development, among other areas.  Good recovery is simply about working to minimize the impact of these areas and creating a life of wholeness.  This change of behavior, mind, and heart is a long process of “curing” those destructive influences.  However, the healing starts when someone simply wants to get better.


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