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Healing for him. Healing for her.

Discover the most comprehensive pornography / sexual addiction & betrayal trauma recovery program available

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Porn & Sex Addiction

We help men overcome pornography addictions and other unwanted sexual behaviors so they can be true to themselves and their relationships. We guide men through the deeper work they need to create lasting recovery.

Betrayal Trauma

We help betrayed women find emotional, physical, and sexual safety through specialized support so they can heal from the devastating impact of betrayal trauma. Our team of experts understands the unique needs of betrayed women. 

Couples Recovery

We help couples move from crisis to connection. As each individual works their own recovery process, the foundation for true couples healing begins to form. Our couples work is based on safety, respect, and accountability. 

Healing for men and women is possible


Find hope and healing after betrayal trauma and porn addiction

You can heal. LifeStar can help. Our recovery resources developed by expert therapists are proven to help individuals and couples heal.

We’ve provided sexual addiction recovery and infidelity support for couples in the St. George, UT area for over thirteen years. Our workbook system combined with expert guidance will give you a customized recovery experience to help you heal from sexual / pornography addiction or betrayal trauma. 

Find hope, love, and joy together again, even after sexual addiction. Let us help you leave behind destructive behaviors and emotional injury so you can move forward toward a better future.

Learn more about our St. George, Utah pornography addiction and betrayal trauma recovery program. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

LifeStar is treatment program for pornography/sexual addiction and partner betrayal trauma located in St. George, Utah.

Groups are led by experienced and expert therapists who are trained in treating pornography/sexual addiction and betrayal trauma.

The program includes online education, cutting-edge workbooks, and weekly in-person group therapy to help support individuals and couples in their recoveries. 

When you sign up for LifeStar, here's what happens:

  1. You get instant online access to our 6-week Getting Started Workshop.
  2. We'll mail you the Getting Started welcome kit complete with your first workbook and other important materials.
  3. You will schedule a time to have a personal phone call with LifeStar director, Jeff Ford. He will answer any questions you have and make sure you're all set to go. 
  4. You will begin attending your weekly LifeStar Recovery Group. The men attend their own specialized group to work through pornography and sexual addiction struggles. The women attend their own specialized group to work through healing from betrayal trauma. 

The LifeStar program costs $200 per month (plus a one-time $200 setup fee to cover materials and the online Getting Started Workshop). This includes the following:

  • Weekly in-person recovery group in St. George, Utah led by expert therapists trained in addiction and betrayal trauma.
  • Online workshop videos to get you started in your recovery - complete with downloadable handouts and assignments.  
  • 10 LifeStar Workbooks 
  • Access to the online Recovery Resource Library 

The LifeStar program is structured into three phases of treatment:

  1. Phase 1 "Getting Started Workshop" (6 weeks) is an online workshop that includes four workbooks. This phase begins instantly when you sign up for the LifeStar Program. Lessons will be released weekly for six weeks.  
  2. Phase 2 "LifeStar Recovery Group" (10 months) is the in-person weekly recovery group that begins shortly after you sign up for the online workshop. You'll work through the first four workbooks you receive in the first phase and then you will receive six additional workbooks as you progress through the second phase.
  3. Phase 3 "LifeStar Advanced Group" (10-12 months) is the advanced group and begins when you've completed all of the program materials from the first two phases of the LifeStar program. 

His recovery + Her recovery = Our recovery

Learn how they discovered what healing means for each of them individually and for their relationship.

Over 90% of couples report feeling more connected after attending the LifeStar Program

Do you know what it takes to heal a betrayed marriage?

If your marriage is going to heal from the effects of pornography and sexual addiction, it's not enough to just focus on the marriage. 

It takes a focus on HIS recovery, HER recovery, and OUR recovery as a couple. 

Download your free guide that details how to begin organizing these three recoveries to set you up for long-term success. 

Download your FREE addiction and betrayal trauma recovery guide



PER MONTH (with a one-time $200 setup fee)

**Must live within driving distance of St. George, Utah to participate**

Weekly 90 minute in-person recovery group (for addiction or betrayal trauma)

Six-week "Getting Started Workshop" online program 

10+ LifeStar workbooks

Includes subscription to the Recovery Resources Membership

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