April 24, 2018

Phase 2 - Recovery Group

Upon completion of the Phase 1 "Getting Started Workshop", you can begin attending the Phase 2 "Recovery Group."
The Recovery Group is led by a LifeStar therapist trained in treating partner betrayal trauma.

Here are some details about the Recovery Group:
  • The group meets once per week for 90-minutes.
  • The group lasts approximately 7-9 months.
  • Group size is 5-12 women. 
  • Cost is $200 per month (includes all workbooks and materials)
Deeper and more personal work is done in this phase. The focus is on healing the relational trauma you have experienced. This safe environment and group support is vital as group members support one another. Expect to work hard and expand beyond your comfort zone. This is where the real recovery work is done!
The Phase 2 Recovery Group shifts from an educational approach, to a "working recovery" approach. Participants complete assignments and hold one another accountable on a weekly basis. These tools and principles lay the groundwork required for lasting recovery. The workbooks help you take a deep look at the impact of relational trauma on your emotions, thoughts, and relationships. The primary focus is to help you open yourself back up to life and relationships so you don't organize your life around the fear of the addiction or being hurt again. Group members work to heal the deep pain of betrayal and work to build a life of strength and connection.

If you have questions about the Phase 2 Recovery Group, let us know and we'll get in touch with you