April 24, 2018

Phase 3 - Advanced Group

Pre-requisites: - Participants are required to attend and complete Phases 1 and 2 

What is the duration: - Approximately 12 months. Groups meet once per week for a 90-minute treatment group.

What is the format: - Small group therapy and educational environment with group sizes of 5-12 individuals.

How much does it cost: - $200 per month. This includes all workbooks and materials.

What should be expected: - By now, continued active participation in the group process should be routine. The women's Phase 3 group helps women learn how to open up and trust again. It's common for women to feel emotionally shut down from relational trauma. Phase 3 helps them rediscover the ways they protected themselves emotionally and how to free themselves from staying closed and guarded with others. For couples in the program, this is the time to practice their new lifestyle and new way of relating to each other. In Phase 3, they have more relationship security and safety to grow more deeply and intimately as a couple. This is where the true lifestyle change occurs to ensure lasting recovery.

What is covered: - Most women have moved past the crisis of betrayal in Phase 3 and are now able to work on healthy emotional expression, healing trauma, decreasing shame, and improving their most important relationships. Women in the third phase re-discover their best selves and build patterns for long-term healthy living.
Phase III is a chance to practice living life without the constant threat of the addiction and helps each of them secure the gains from the two previous phases.

If you have questions about the Phase 3 Advanced Group, let us know and we'll be in touch