April 24, 2018

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and addiction

On June 7th, 2009 by Geoff Steurer

Here is an excellent educational video on posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  Virtually every partner who discovers her husband’s or boyfriend’s use of pornography experiences symptoms of PTSD.  Women experience feelings of anxiety, shock, anger, numbing, intrusive thoughts, panic, and other symptoms that disrupt their lives.  This video explains the seriousness of PTSD and the need to seek help for this condition.  The good news is that it’s treatable.  Partners need a chance to tell their stories in a safe and supportive environment.  12-step groups and group therapy are two excellent ways to help partners find support and direction to help them heal their symptoms.  One of the most powerful ways to help partners heal their trauma symptoms is for their husband or boyfriend to commit to full recovery and over time learn how to hear her pain and learn how to stay emotionally connected to her.  This is very soothing to her and lets her know that she’s going to be safe.  This can be difficult and often requires professional help, as the addict is both a source of pain and comfort for her.  If the partner has experienced previous traumas in her life, such as abuse or abandonment, she will have more difficult recovering from the impact of his sexual addiction without some professional intervention.  

Many men who struggle with sexual addiction are also trauma survivors.  Many of them are abuse survivors and many have been physically and/or emotionally abandoned in their families.  The addiction creates trauma as well since the addicts experience tremendous powerlessness and consequences.  Understanding trauma and it’s impact on our brains, bodies, and relationships to others is a critical part of individual and couples recovery.  

8 Responses to “Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and addiction”

  • S dash

    Wife of uk porn addict. PTSD symptoms and pan in upper arms that won’t go away. Why is there do little help for the wives. Husband has got help hypnotherapy says is cured! I don’t feel cured. And he behaves like – right I have stopped now so stop going on its all done. Butvaftervfinding out he was browsing as he calls it all through our marriage I feel while life together was a lie.

  • May

    I couldn’t not access to the educational video for PSTD. Can you please advise the new link to the video?

  • USMC Grunt

    Are you serious? These women who see that their man is watching porn now have PTSD? You’ve got to be kidding. This website is a waste of life. Kill it with fire. I spent time in serious combat, and looking for help with PTSD sends me to this piece of shit site. Take it down before you hurt someone with your retardedness.

  • C-PTSD Sufferer

    I’m in full agreement with USMC Grunt. I have a lifetime (literally my whole life!) of sexual, physical, verbal, and emotional abuse. I was molested over a period of years, raped multiple times, and have had two abusive husbands on top of an abusive father. Two men have tried to kill me with one almost succeeding. I think….no I KNOW!….you need to take a look at what causes PTSD because you are way off on your thinking.

  • I am sorry USMC & C-PTSD feel this way. My life has been completely ruined my husbands porn addiction. I have suffered all the symptoms of PSTD and am on prescription drugs for anxiety and depression because of it since October 2009. I didn’t know what I was suffering from and my life was hell for several years until I found out that I was suffering from PTSD. I thought that was something only soldiers got. Before I found out about PSTD I didn’t know if I was going mad or what was wrong with me. There was nothing out there to point me in the right direction. I too could go into my life history, fairly similar to above, but that isn’t what caused my PSTD symptoms. I know what did as I still have the flash backs that I am learning to live with. Nobody should under estimate the destructive nature of addiction in which ever form it comes.

  • Recovering Pornography Addict

    WOW! I am sorry to hear that USMC Grunt and C-PTSD Sufferer are offended by this site and information. I appreciate the commitment, time and sacrifice of ALL U.S. Service-men and Service-women. That said, come off your high-horse. While you have certainly been subjected to horrific things, YOU CHOSE IT! You signed up and were advised of the risks. In general, Women NEVER choose to be betrayed by their soul-mate, spouse, boyfriend, or whatever other name we have for committed relationships. When I consider the marriage covenants I made with my wife and how I have violated them in my addiction, I cringe to think of her suffering. I can verify that the symptoms associated with PTSD have ALL been manifest in her, from time to time, as I have worked through recovery, lost sobriety and began again.
    Really, isn’t there enough room in our vocabulary and minds to recognize that different perspectives create different vulnerabilities? I hope for the healing of those who miss the value of this site. I also hope for the healing of those who can relate, and have found insight, answers and hope on this site. I am among the latter.

  • Paula

    not to discredit what USMC & C-PTSD went through, but I have also experienced PTSD due to my husband’s porn use and treatment of me all our married life. He was not nurtured as a child and was often neglected, so he could not show affection and did not value my role as a mother/homemaker. I thought I was going crazy, because he was an excellent provider and tried hard to please others (red flag!!!) but was never there for me when I truly needed him. Yes, I was not sexually abused, but neglect can be just as harmful. The symptoms are very real and very scary. I thought I was losing my mind.

  • Marian

    As a child of 7 I was sexually abused by a paedophile.Ididn’t know what was happening except I was paralised with fear.When I got away I went to a friends house.I was too frightened to tell my mum,but let this slip 3 years later.I was frightened of all men and distrustful for 20yrs.I met a gentle and quiet man from church.we married and l felt loved and trustful,and for the first time in my life secure.I was so happy.Over the next 3 years we had two children.Life was full and busy.Our sex life stopped.I blamed myself,especially as my husband said I was no longer attractive to him.I was devastated,I lost some weight and bought some new. clothes to wow him with.Nothing.He spent loads of time on the computer.I found him out.He said he’d stop.I believed him again,he said sorry again,I forgave him again.This carried on.Until I came home to find him saying sorry as he covered the screen.I turned around and said thats it.I felt very angry,shocked,betrayed,numb,detached emotionally.I don’t knoww if this is PTSD?

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