April 24, 2018


**Our next "Getting Started Workshop" begins on Tuesday, April 24, 2018. RESERVE YOUR SEAT**

Who Attends:
 We strongly recommend that married couples come together so they can begin the process of education and healing together. However, the workshop is also for single adults and for those clients whose partners are not able or willing to attend.

Pre-requisites: - All participants are screened and assessed by a trained and licensed LifeStar therapist before attending the program.

What is the duration: - 6 weeks on Tuesday nights from 6-9pm.

What is the format: - Large group workshop and educational environment with group sizes of 15 to 30 people. ALL participants agree to and sign confidentiality statements promising to safeguard the confidentiality and privacy of everyone attending the program.

How much does it cost: - $400 per person. Payment is required prior to the first meeting. Price includes all workbooks and materials used in the 6-week program.

What should be expected: - Please expect to actively participate in the group process. We realize that this is a delicate subject and that emotions will be close to the surface. This work is not easy. Expect to struggle and find yourself outside your comfort zone. Be prepared to be loved and cared for. Our commitment is to prepare a safe environment to share your experience and begin the road to a long-lasting recovery.

What is covered: - Some of the topics covered in the workshop include: addiction cycle, pornography and the brain, impact of pornography on relationships, relational trauma, attachment, impact of family of origin, understanding shame, boundaries, staying out of drama, discussing relapses, structuring a disclosure, relapse prevention, mindfulness, building a recovery plan, reaching out to others for support, and so on. This class is packed full of information, workbooks, and other exercises to help structure a successful long-term recovery journey.