April 24, 2018

Since 2006, LifeStar of St. George has helped hundreds of individuals and couples heal from the effects of pornography/sexual addiction and partner betrayal trauma. 

We work to help the addict end the addictive behaviors and build a completely new and healthy life.

We help betrayed partners connect with other women in similar situations and guide them through a healing processing of understanding the impact of betrayal trauma so they can reclaim their lives.

We help couples learn how to build a truly intimate, trustworthy, and secure relationship.

Our three-phase treatment program works with couples and individuals through three distinct stages of recovery to ensure long-term success.

Each phase of recovery is specifically designed to gently uncover, yet aggressively heal, the destructive patterns that create and maintain addictive behaviors and betrayal trauma. Workbooks and other materials help provide education and structure throughout the different phases of treatment.