April 24, 2018

GroupThe ideal recovery program includes a combination of 1) Education, 2) Clergy Support, 3) Professional Therapy, and 4) Twelve-Step Support Meetings. 

Lifestar is a professional group therapy program while 12-step support groups provide free peer-based support to addicts, partners, and family members. 

12-step support meetings provide a safe environment where individuals can listen, learn, and connect to a community of like-minded people who want to heal. They often include a spiritual component. 

There are community support groups for men who are working through their addiction to pornography and sexual acting out. There are also groups for betrayed spouses and concerned family members. 

We recommend individuals make 12-step a part of their recovery program, even if they're doing professional group therapy. 

Southern Utah 12-step meetings

LDS Addiction Recovery 12-step support group locator

Sexaholics Anonymous

SAL Women's Trauma Support Groups